Making the Most of 2020: How Curworkers Have Stayed Connected During the Pandemic

  • During quarantine, we’ve sharpened our culinary skills as home chefs with several cooking classes! So far we’ve made dumplings, Japanese souffle pancakes and healthy salads.
Such talent!
Balancing treats…
… with healthy staples!
  • We also had a virtual wine tasting where we learned about different kinds of wine and snacked on home-made charcuterie boards together.
  • We’re now artists, too! We learned how to draw cherries and paint cacti and succulents with watercolors.
Did you know that cacti are succulents that can store moisture, but are technically in a separate category? And not all succulents are cacti!
  • We brightened up our home workspaces by creating beautiful floral arrangements. Who knew becoming florists would be a 2020 goal?!
  • There’s no better way to team-build than through escape rooms and puzzle games. Oh, the personality types…
Here’s our in-office Fulfillment team safely solving the Heist mystery and prison break!
Testing our classic painting chops.



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Life @ Curology

Life @ Curology

Here at Curology, we work together towards fulfilling our mission: making effective skincare accessible. Grow (and glow) with us!